Facebook buys video start up quick fire

Facebook buys video start up quick fire

Facebook buys video start up quick fire

Facebook, Social network operator said it bought QuickFire Networks, a startup that helps to view high quality video with low bandwidth. QuickFire announced the achievement on its blog on Thursday.

Facebook and QuickFire don’t reveal the terms of deal.

Quickfire is based on San Diego and is known for quickly convert a video formats and allow them to be downloaded with less bandwidth and without a loss in video quality, discloses WSJ.

Now they are ready to take the next step in our growth, written by QuickFire’s Chief Executive officer Craig Lee on the companys’ web site. Facebook’s achievement of video technology company comes a day after it stated in the blog it averaged more than one billion video views every day from June 2014. The social network publicized that video posts per user are up by 75 % across the world, and 94 % in the US. This shows that the number of videos in a users’ news feed from the people and brands has improved up to 3.6 times compared to last year.

Facebook, making push to get its users to upload video directly to its site, instead of linking videos on other sites like the Youtube. Hosting the videos, keeps Facebook users on service and gives the company more control over how the videos can be viewed and placed around an advertising. Quickfires technology might help to speed up the process.

Last year, Facebook has changed its service so that videos in its users news feeds being played automatically. Facebook has stressed the importance as it is to get such videos should plays as rapidly as possible, particularly on mobile phones.

A Facebook spokeswoman would not reveal the terms of the deal.

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