Samsung discloses next generation Ultra HDTV

Samsung discloses next generation Ultra HDTV

Samsung Electronics Company announced the next generation of curved display ultra high definition (UHD) televisions on Monday, day before the International Consumer Electronics Show was to begin here.

According to the company, called SUHD, the new ranges of TVs are 2 ½ times brighter than predictable ones. This is an improvement over the screens with 4K resolution, which have 4 times as many pixels as 1080p HD TVs. The billion South Korean companies, which is the globe.

Tim Baxter, who is a president of Samsung Electronics America, said the 4K TV market is accepted to quadruple in volume in this year.

But more important than the SUHD TVs was disclosing of new partnership, called the UHD Alliance, which already consists of Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Fox, Disney, Warner Bros and Technicolor, among others. The alliance would set the standards for 4K content and on its delivery.

Mike Dunn, who is president of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, said that it is important that customers know about which screens and content will give the true UHD experience, the alliance will do such. A wide range of content is essential to the success of 4K TVs. Beginning this year, all of Samsungs smart TVs will feature Tizen it is own operating system.

Samsung discloses next generation Ultra HDTV
Samsung discloses next generation Ultra HDTV

In addition, Samsung is bringing its flow service, Milk, to its smart TVs and its practical reality handset, Gear VR. The company also revealed other products like a portable solid state drive, only slightly bigger than the flash drive, and smart home appliances together with a robot vacuum cleaner.

Chief Executive BK Yoon, in his keynote address, said that by 2019, all of Samsungs products will be Internet enabled.

The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual exhibition event for the industry. The current edition that is on January 6 to January 9, here it will have 1,60,000 audiences and 3,600 companies exhibiting their products over the 2.2 million sq ft.

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