Apple admits iPhone 8 swollen battery issue

Apple would be looking into the issue of battery problems that have been reported in some units of the iPhone 8 as well as iPhone 8 Plus. One is not sure whether it is because of all concerned iPhones like earlier it was in the case of Galaxy Note 7 or merely a handful of them. Although Galaxy Note 7 may have had issues there were no other reports of such problems.

The early reports came in from Taiwan and Japan where the iPhone 8 was stated to have split open, thus pushing up the display out of the chassis. The only component of the phone that is rather capable of such an expected expansion is of course of the battery. The respective iPhone 8 Plus buyer in Japan got a swollen iPhone 8 Plus.

When the Li-ion batteries become rather old, they tend to outgas a flammable electrolyte mixture to prevent it from reacting to cause a fire, which will make the battery to swell. One might have actually seen this happening with the old phone batteries. But the batteries may actually swell up to twice their size and on account of several other reasons as well.

This may also happen when the batteries are overcharged or rather overheated. But the swelling is a foolproof mechanism that would prevent the batteries from actually exploding as well as swelling of the respective iPhone 8 battery which is a proof that the mechanism is actually working.

The newer iPhone will have no doubt have a new battery. Apple does not, of course, overdo the charging speed of one’s battery and, in fact, the charger puts out much of the less current than one has observed upon the Android phones shipping with faster chargers. The actual battery capacity of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is also less than that on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus respectively.

Apple admits iPhone 8 swollen battery issue

Li-ion batteries are considered to be inherently less stable as compared to other batteries type on account of their high energy density i.e. packing charge is rather in a smaller form. It is possible that Apple wanted the batteries.

It seems that Apple actually wanted the batteries to be rather smaller still and would like to incorporate for the wireless charging as well glass back and at the same time would have a slim (7.5mm) figure which is comparable to the Galaxy S8 i.e. the iPhone 8 which is 0.7mm thinner.

Apple has the swollen iPhones and is also looking into the matter. The batteries on the iPhone 8 as well as the iPhone 8 Plus are being actually supplied by the Amperex Technology Limited (ATL). ATL happens to be one of the existing two suppliers of the battery for the Galaxy Note 7.

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The explosion on Note 7 was caused due to bent electrodes or rather a blow to the battery that has exposed its negative electrode, both of which did happen either due to the existing faulty design or the manufacturing techniques that has been neglected on account of the safety of the battery.


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