Fixing 8 most annoying bugs with iOS 8

Fixing 8 most annoying bugs with iOS 8

Apple has brought up with one major software update and few minor updates in iOS 8 since its release to the market in past September 2014. Now the latest version of the device is iOS 8.1.2, it is more refined and stable than earlier releases of Apples iOS 8. One of which is so bad that for the moment bricked ten thousands of iPhones if they are unused for a long period of time.

But iOS 8.1.2 is really more stable for long time; anyhow, they have still many problems and other issues which are hidden within this. Many people in the world and across the country, the customers met with some of the capable and most beautiful devices in the world. But noting is perfect in this world, anyhow, undoubtedly they will find some issues with their new iPhones and ipads in the coming days and weeks.

Keeping in mind that Tech Republic collected a list of eight most irritating problems, along with how to resolve these problems. All these problems are covered on bgr over lat few months. Tech Republic has done a good job of collecting these problem and also gave instructions to users on how to recognise or address these issues. In one of the blog spot it has covered that instructions that include how to identify or recognise these problems and also regarding the connectivity of the Wi – Fi issues and how deal with problems facing during update of Apps and excessive battery ditch.

Fixing 8 most annoying bugs with iOS 8

Among these one of the major problem that was identified is like receiving and sending audio messages will have lot of fun but due to low file size, these files are deleting automatically from the phone. This problem is sorted by changing settings in the phone.

The above are the methods for Fixing 8 most annoying bugs with iOS 8.

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