Google to launch its personalised content service Google Feed in India


Google will soon be launching its personalized content service Google Feed in India as it is keen to reach out to more users. This has been confirmed by a Google executive. Both the assistant Google Home and the smartspeaker will make their foray into the market next year.

Effort is on to bring content service Google Feed as quickly as possible to meet up to the needs of the customers who would like more enhanced and effective search on Google.

What has Google done so far?

In July, Google had come up with personalized news feed for a phone that would come up with plenty of content for users. This would much depend upon the location, the search history and the topics that the users have selected.

Google also plans to come up with a “new-to-your” feature within the feed within this year that would have links to a favorite topic of the user. The later would allow a deeper insight into a particular subject.

What is the focus of Google Content?

The focus is on local content. This is quite a challenge as Indian culture is varied as there are several languages that exist. Naturally, it is tough to provide local content. Linguistic approaches vary and Google has to provide content consisting of different languages, thus catering to the needs of all sorts of users from different parts of the country. The focus is on improving the content feed for the users.

What is the aim of Google Feed?

Google is keen on diversifying its activities world wide and making an impact on world market and reaching out to users in far off places such as South Africa, UK and Australia. It plans selected regional languages in India and Google Home will become a household item. People will have access to cab booking listening to music and so forth. Much effort will be made to promote Google Feed and thus diversify its activities in various regions of the country.

The Google Home Service will be competing with Amazon’s Voice Based Virtual Assistant Alexa and will be in the forefront soon with its Google Feed. Local users will be provided with a lingua treat as they will be able to access local information in different regional languages. Google as a major search engine giant is on the lookout for more and more users in India and Google Home as well as Feed will provide the requisite information to these new users. The emphasis is upon “customized content feed” This Google Feed Technological application will be accessible in 20 local Indian languages. The purpose behind this effort is to tap the regional population.

Efforts are also on to make the smart speaker service Google Home available in the Indian market early next year. It will prove to be a challenge as mentioned earlier to “voice based virtual assistant Alexa.


Google is dabbling into various forms of search engines in order to reach out widely to its users. It is keen on tapping regional users in India as they comprise a part of the viable user market. The focus is also on user digital content apart from personalized user content. Recently, Google released a personalized new service for the mobile phone users to diversify its activities.


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