Difference Between Android Mobiles and (iOS) Apple Mobiles

Difference Between Android Mobiles and (iOS) Apple Mobiles

Most of the youngsters are keen on grabbing trendy smartphones now a days to be comfortable with the daily routine. Many smartphone users are scratching their heads as they are unable to choose and select the desired gadget. Choosing a smartphone or a table is not an easy task in the modern days.

There is a lot of difference between Google’s Android and other smartphones available in the market. Let me remind all the smartphone users about the war between Apple iOS and Google Android. Most of the gadgets are not getting an accurate answer to get the clarity in choosing between an Apple iOS and Google Android.

Difference Between Android Mobiles and Apple Mobiles

Speaking about the smartphones and latest mobile technology here comes an addition which is none other than tablets. Let us think for a while that though Google Android is based on Linux and OS X, UNIX. Mobile users can opt choosing switching from Google Android to iOS or vice versa depending upon their requirements. Android is one of the world’s most used platform which was used by many different mobile manufacturers.

Before buying Android or iOS please be cautious about 5 different points to be considered. Check out the Adobe Flash option between the Google Android and Apple iOS phone. This application is inbuilt in Apple iOS and support the end user with comfort. Though Adobe Flash is not available in Google Android one can download and run it by installing the app.

Second one to be considered is nothing but security. Coming to the third point which is main i.e. user manual. Vendor lock-in is the fourth reason to be considered before opting a new smartphone. Last but not the least is nothing but battery life.

Most of the users think that iPhones have better battery life than Google Android. Once can pretty well say that owing an Android mobile as it is fully customized. While in Apple iOS customizability is limited, unless its jailbroken. Source model of Google Android depends on open source while in Apple iOS the source model is closed with open source component mode too.

Call features supported in Google Android is Auto-respond and along with this call-back reminder, do not disturb mode are available in Apple iOS. Google Android support 32 available languages where as Apple iOS support 34 languages. Google Android support 1000000+Apps and also other stores like Amazon and Getjar. Apple iOS supports 1000000+Apps with latest stable release i.e. 7.1 March 10, 2014. Google Android’s latest stable release i.e. Android 5.0.1 (lollipop), released in November, 2014.

For more details about these mobiles let us have a look at anroid.com and apple.com.

The above are the details about Difference Between Android Mobiles and (iOS) Apple Mobiles.

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