Apple forthcoming plans in 2015

Apple forthcoming plans in 2015

In 2015, it looks set to be an exciting year for those who are having enthusiasm in Apple, read on to find out what Apple is going to launch that might happen in 2015,what might be in its store and what might happen in 2015.

Looking ahead to 2015; next year looks set to an exciting year for Apple enthusiasts. With two new iPhone 6 models, breaking these sales records, iMac now going retina and of course forthcoming release of Apple watch, the California giant has once again managed to capture the minds and hearts of people across the country.

So what do next coming twelve months hold in storing for Tim cook and his enthusiastic performers of electronic magic? Will the much fabulous TV finally appear? Is there any hope of Retina MacBook Air? Or does Apple have another one more thing, it’s well customized sleeves? Well, in the time privileged Macworld practice, we sort the wheat from the chaff in land of conjecture and industry know-how and to bring what we think Apple scenery will look like a year from now.

Apple forthcoming plans in 2015
Apple forthcoming plans in 2015

In this future, we can read about;

  1. Apple TV
  2. iPad Pro (iPad plus)
  3. MacBook Air Retina
  4. iPhone 7
  5. iOS 9
  6. The Apple Watch
  7. OS X 10.11
  8. iTunes Radio, Beats and Hi – res music

The incomplete process of putting Retina displays in everything with an Apple logo on it will continue in 2015. In 2014 it comes into sight in the iMac with Retina 5K display and we should see them appear in the smaller iMacs and confidently in a Retina MacBook Air too. We know Apple want to manufacture it, but processor delays have blocked the emergence of a Retina display in its ultra portable laptop. Hope fully 2015 processors will solve that.

Apple forthcoming plans in 2015

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